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Top Reasons You Should Replace Your Water Heater

The availability of warm, running water is necessary for households around the country. Whether it’s a warm bath or hot water to clean your dishes in, people rely on hot water to complete day to day tasks. That means your water heater is put to good use each day and over time, it may start showing signs that it needs replacing. Here are some of the main signs that your water heater needs to be replaced.

#1: Time.
No product will last forever, unfortunately. Water heaters will generally last for about a decade before they need to be replaced. If it’s not heating water like it should or it’s starting to leak, it may be showing signs of its age. If you have lived in your home at least that long and the water heater hasn’t been replaced, then you will need to plan on replacing it.

#2: Noise.
Is the water heater making a lot of noise at the tank? As it ages, it can start to rumble as it starts to heat up the water. This could be because it’s inefficient and it’s taking more energy and strain to heat the water. If your water heater is making noises, don’t ignore it. It could be a sign that something is wrong, and damage could occur if you don’t pay attention.

#3: Leaking.
Sometimes an old water heater will start to leak, leaving water on the floor around the tank. Leaks are never a good thing to have, as it could cause damage to your property that could be expensive and inconvenient. Leaks are usually caused by expansion of metal in the tank and as the water heater gets older, a fracture can happen. Small amounts of water will start leaking through these gaps as the water continues to heat each cycle. Over time, this could cause ruined carpeting or hardwood flooring, saturated belongings in the area, or even mold build up.

#4: Not heating.
One of the most obvious signs of an old water heater is water that simply isn’t warm. This could be caused by a broken heating element, a mis-adjusted thermostat, or simply that the water heater is not working as it should anymore.

Water is probably the most necessary item in your household, so if it fails, you are left without hot water, you’re looking at things becoming very inconvenient for a while. We can help! Our experienced team at Specialty Heating and Cooling can help get you a new water heater installed and running efficiently. We will talk to you about what tank size is most appropriate for your home and make sure it is within your budget. Watch our YouTube video about water heaters here, then contact us to talk to us about our new water heater program! Let us help you get your new one installed!


How to fix common HVAC problems

When it comes to your HVAC system, it’s normal to feel a little bit overwhelmed in understanding how it all works. There are a lot of different components that make your heating and cooling system work well. And if things aren’t working at their peak, you’re probably scratching your head trying to figure out what the problem is. We can help! Here are some common HVAC problems and our recommended solutions.

Leaky ducts:
Do you know if the ductwork in your home or office is properly installed or sealed? Most people don’t think about the ductwork in their home, but in fact, it’s something that’s very important to think about – especially when it comes to HVAC usage. This can cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars over time because of wasted energy. Not to mention, it can allow harmful particles in the air to transfer inside to the air you’re breathing. Our solution: Aeroseal Duct Sealing. This is a unique and highly effective patented process that fixes leaks from the inside out. It has a 98% success process and involves sealing cracks or holes in the ducts with a sealant. As the air makes it way through the leaks, the aerosol particles collide to stick to the leaky edges and soon they’re sealed and you’re good to go.

Poor air flow:
If you’re not getting enough air flow from your system to your vents, first check for blockages around the vents. Make sure all registers are opened and that there is no furniture that’s blocking them. In addition, make sure that the outside unit is clear of any debris or other build up that can accumulate during the winter and spring months, as this can also contribute to poor air flow.

Funky smells:
If you’re noticing a weird odor coming from your system, first you should rule out any gas leaks. Next, check your air filters. This is extremely important, as it will help maintain the life of your system. In addition, it will help keep pet hair, dust, and any mildew build up away from the air filters for prolonged periods of time, which can help reduce nasty odors.

Your heating and cooling system is a complex machine that will provide the comfort you need year-round, but if there are problems starting to pop up with it, it’s important to get things checked out right away. Stay on top of scheduling your preventative maintenance appointments with our experienced team of HVAC professionals to ensure that no problems occur! Preventative maintenance appointments also give you the peace of mind knowing that things are working efficiently, so you can save money on your energy bill.

Perhaps your HVAC problems are too big to solve with a repair and a full HVAC replacement is needed. Our solution is to get you the right system for your home and your budget. Right now, there are a variety of rebates and incentives happening that can save you thousands of dollars on a new system. Contact us today for more details!

How a zone control system will save you money?

Our team at Specialty Heating & Cooling does a lot of work on 2-story homes. Oftentimes, it can be difficult to get comfortable, matching temperatures from room to room – the upstairs is warmer than the downstairs or vice versa. To combat inconsistent temperatures, we do a lot of zoning work for homes that have more than one level.

What is zoning?

Zoned temperature control can be a great way to heat and cool your home with incredible efficiency. This type of temperature control means that there are several thermostats placed throughout the home that are wired to one control panel that works within your home’s ductwork via the forced-air system. We use Carrier Infinity Zoning and Honeywell Red Link. The thermostats will read what the specific zone temperature is, then open and close dampers within the ductwork to adjust the temperature for that specific area.

What are the benefits of a zoning system?

When used properly, zoning can save homeowners money on utility costs. Why? Because it allows them to adjust temperatures according to usage. You’re not overheating or overcooling various parts of your home and wasting energy. For example, if you enjoy keeping your bedroom cool at night, but you want the rest of the home warm when you wake up, zoning can help make this happen easily! At the end of the year, this can translate to big savings!  Each zone will heat independently from other areas of the home – what an incredible concept that works!

In addition, zoning will reduce wear and tear on your system. It doesn’t need to work as hard to heat or cool your entire home, but instead, it will only provide heat or air conditioning to the spaces that you designate. That can help your system last longer while functioning at peak efficiency.

Almost any home can benefit from a zoning system, especially homes with multiple levels or homes that have additions like a garage apartment or sunroom. Installing a Carrier system that utilizes zoning gives you the technology you need to stay comfortable in every room of your home at any given time of the year. Learn more about zoning in this video. We’re happy to talk to you about how many zones your home would need according to it’s unique layout, and what type of system would work with your budget guidelines.  Contact us today for more information.

Specialty Heating & Cooling is located in Tigard, OR and services Portland, OR; Beaverton, OR; Aloha, OR; Hillsboro, OR; Tualatin, OR; Lake Oswego, OR; Milwaukie, OR; Oregon City, OR; West Linn, OR; Newberg, OR; Sherwood, OR

Why Is Fall Furnace Service Important?

Commercial Maintenance Picture

We had a beautiful Pacific Northwest summer and now autumn has returned in all of its glory. Temperatures are mild, skies are blue, and the mornings are crisp. Now that fall has arrived, it’s a great time to have your HVAC system serviced and tuned-up. We talk a lot about the importance of spring tune-ups, as it’s a great time to make sure things are in good working order before the warm summer months, but autumn tune-ups are just as important because colder weather is coming. Is your furnace up for the job of keeping you comfortable all fall and winter? Here’s why fall furnace service is important:

Reason #1: It keeps the air cleaner.
Indoor air quality is incredibly important, especially now that school is back in session and viruses are circulating freely. Keeping your furnace clean and working well means that the air you breathe will be cleaner. Looking to enhance your indoor air quality even more? Consider the Air Scrubber, which uses ActivePure™ technology that uses germicidal UV light waves with an exclusive catalytic process that uses enviroscrubbing molecules of hydrogen and oxygen. It can reduce 99.9% of the harmful contaminants that get into your home in just 30 minutes of use. In addition, the Infinity® Air Purifier is another great product that uses a unique Capture and Kills ™ technology which captures up to 99% airborne viruses, germs, mold, and bacteria, then uses an electrical charge to kill them.

Reason #2: It cleans the system.
Over time, dust and other debris will accumulate on your system. If it’s not cleaned well every year, your system’s air flow could be reduced and you will have a much lower level of efficiency happening. It could also cause parts to wear down and break, which could mean you’re facing a costly repair in the future.

Reason #3: It keeps your system running longer.
Without annual cleaning and preventative maintenance services, your furnace can wear out quickly. Consider your HVAC tune-ups as similar to when you get your car serviced or get the oil changed. Servicing can ensure that the system will continue to work at its optimal performance level and that there will be no breakdowns during the brutally cold months of winter.  When winter hits, our team is usually busy with emergency calls and you don’t want to be included on that list, so plan ahead with a fall tune-up. When you go to turn on your furnace, you want it to work!

What does a tune-up include?
A tune-up includes a thorough cleaning and full inspection of the furnace to identify any potential issues that may be happening and to make sure the unit is at its optimal efficiency for max comfort.  If there are any areas of concern, we’ll let you know.  Also, keeping current on your annual maintenance keeps you in compliance with manufactures warranty standards.

So before the weather gets extremely cold and wet, beat the rush for service and call us today for a fall tune up. Our experienced team of professionals will make sure your system is up and running well so you can live comfortably this fall and winter in Oregon!