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Business Owners:  Who’s Managing your HVAC Maintenance?

commercial_serv_1Many building owners and tenants don’t know who their HVAC service provider is, when they were on site last, or what they did when they were there. All too often, regularly scheduled HVAC Maintenance is being billed to the owner or tenant, but is only being accomplished when a problem arises, or not at all.

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Specialty Heating & Cooling is a locally owned company that has been providing Commercial Maintenance for over 30 years. Our strength in Commercial Maintenance is customer communication. You’ll know when we’re going to be on site, when we arrive, when we leave, and what we did, every time. You’ll receive a written report with every one of our visits. It’s part of our process that earns us the highest marks with our commercial customers.

Commercial Maintenance PicturePlanned, Preventative Maintenance

Research and our experience has shown:

  • Without Proper Scheduled Maintenance, Equipment Will Waste Energy Dollars And Fail More Frequently
  • Failures Stress Other Critical Parts, Eventually Causing Major Repairs, Resulting in EXPENSIVE Premature Equipment Replacement
  • 9 Out Of 10 Commercial Buildings Fail To Meet Fundamental Conditions For Acceptable Comfort & Energy Efficiency

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